Why Calibrate?

Correct sensor calibration is essential to a successful robot deployment

Calibration lets sensors work together
ML systems generalize better when cameras are calibrated
Sensor fusion performance is poor when sensors are uncalibrated

Main Street Autonomy Calibration

Any sensor, any environment

Calibrate all sensors at once
      - Cameras
            - RGB & Thermal
            - Intrinsics
            - Rolling Shutter Times
      - Depth Cameras
      - Lidar
            - Extrinsics
            - Intrinsics
      - Radar
      - GPS
      - IMU
      - INS
      - Wheel Encoders
            - Wheel Radius
            - Axle Track
      - Time offsets for all sensors
Fast: Under 5 minutes to calibrate
Calibrate in your robot’s normal operating environment
      - No calibrate targets required
      - No special facilities required
      - Just drive around to collect the data for calibration!

Painting lidar points with colors from cameras, enabled by MSA calibration

Industry Proven

Main Street Autonomy’s Calibrate-Anywhere is deployed on thousands of robots

Verticals include
      - Mining
      - Lumber
      - Floor Cleaning
      - Commercial Mowing
      - Yard Hostling
      - Warehouse/AMR
      - Animal Husbandry
      - Farming
And platforms including
      - Drones
      - Buses
      - Floor Scrubbers
      - Lawn Mowers
      - Heavy mining Equipment
      - Forklifts

Learn More

Camera calibrations tutorial