We sell software that makes robots work.

Localization • Mapping • Calibration

Lidar Mapping

Accurate 3D maps and 6-DOF localization.

Achieves sub-centimeter location accuracy, regardless of map size
Functions correctly on uneven surfaces
Functions indoors and outdoors
Does not require GPS


Our calibration system is fiducial-free: We require as input only a regular log from your robot in its normal, unmodified environment.

IMU intrinsics & extrinsics
Camera intrinsics & extrinsics
Lidar extrinsics
GPS extrinsics
Wheel sensor intrinsics & extrinsics

We also calibrate the timestamp offsets between sensors, which if left uncalibrated can degrade accumulated point clouds, trajectories, and other outputs.

Leadership Team

Jacob Panikulam
Motion planning, mapping, control
William Sitch
Chief Business Officer
Customer Engagement
Ethan Eade
Founding Partner
Localization, sensor fusion, vision
Isaac Dykeman
Founding Partner
Perception, deep learning, graphics
Ben Kroop
Founding Partner
Infrastructure, teleoperation